Do you want to understand Bible Prophecy and be prepared for the soon return of Jesus? Then Hope Through Prophecy is for you! 

This ministry is dedicated to sharing the truth from God’s Word in a clear, engaging way. We want you to be ready to meet Jesus at His soon return! Many today are wondering about all the major events taking place across the globe. What do they mean? Are they a fulfillment of Bible Prophecy? How can I, and my family, be prepared? How can I have hope in this world of chaos and confusion? Hope Through Prophecy answers these questions with the clarity and certainty that can only come from the Bible. 

The books of Daniel and Revelation have a special significance in these last days, and deserve our careful attention. We live in exciting times! We can have hope during these last days as we commit ourselves to studying the Bible and following it’s teachings. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus each step of the way. We look forward to continuing this journey together with you!

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