November 6-28 at 7pm central time (every night except Wednesdays and Sundays).

Presentations will be recorded and viewable afterwards.

Presented by international speaker Dustin Pestlin, President, Hope Through Prophecy

Learn your Bible like never before!

Be prepared for the soon return of Jesus!

Live question and answer session after each presentation!

First of all, your videos are amazing - they have changed my life. God bless you and keep up the good work.


I feel like God led me to your videos to help me finally understand some things that I’ve been confused about for so many years... Can you please help me find a church in my area that teaches these same truths from the Bible?


In the past year, God has revealed Biblical truths to my husband and myself. I have been amazed at how little of the Bible I actually understood even though I was brought up attending church... Wow. What I have learned in the past couple hours has already far surpassed my lifetime of attending church and hearing the teachings of several ministers. ...The clarity of truth in Scripture of late has me hungering for more. The more I search, the more I study, the more I desire more. Thank you for deepening my desire to live my life in Christ, in the absolute truth of scripture. Blessings to you.